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PLAE is devoted to creating footwear that is engineered for fit and customised for fun.
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Fully flexible

with anatomical features allowing fledgling bones to grow their own way. plae shoes are co-designed with orthopaedic specialists for healthy growing feet


ultra-lightweight construction, these shoes won’t weigh down little feet

Active traction soles

dynamic traction provides a barefoot hold on loose earth as well as excellent grip on harder surfaces


dirty shoes? throw them in the wash (not recommended for full leather models)


made using breathable materials coupled with antimicrobial insoles. plae shoes stay fresh for longer


PLAE shoes are manufactured in solar powered, fair-labour factories using a high % of recycled materials. plus all paper packaging is fsc approved & recyclable

Removable insoles

take them out for extra room or for accommodating afo braces and orthopedic insoles, plus you can wash them

Waterproof & breathable

eVent® is a100% waterproof direct venting technology which keeps feet dry, is completely breathable and prevents overheating. used on our waterproof styles for maximum play time potential

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