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step into the world of PLAE shoes. engineered for fit. customised for fun.

about the designer

ryan ringholz is the founder and head designer for plae and an award winning footwear specialist who has worked with the likes of puma, diesel and new balance.

using his years of top level experience, ryan created an inspiring range of shoes focused on children, the way their feet develop and the way they play. his attention to detail include clever heel tabs that make it easier for small hands and fingers to pull their shoes on, a generous toe guard protecting the foot and shoe from toe drag, virtually seam free inner sock for highly touch sensitive kids and a wide toe box for easy fitting.

the very first plae styles, roan and emme, are named after ryan’s two children and the roan was the winner of the prestigious red dot award in 2014 for product design. “it’s all about putting kids first, and bringing out the kid in all of us”
about the product

about the product

PLAE use biometric science usually reserved for elite athletes to create a range of shoes that are focused on helping little feet grow healthily. children’s feet are soft, and mainly formed of cartilage until adulthood. co-designed with an orthopaedic surgeon, plae are dedicated to creating footwear that find the balance between style and function:

  • eco-minded shoes made with recycled materials in a solar powered factory (vegan options available)
  • a range of shoes that support healthy foot growth with options for children who wear orthotics and fitted afo braces
  • an array of one of a kind interchangeable velcro tabs in 4 sizes to accommodate wider or narrower feet, designed in a variety of colours, patterns and textures.
time to plae

time to plae

take a look at our unique range of interchangeable tabs.


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